Sanitising Fogger/Mister

Sanitising Fogger/Mister

Fogger/Mister - Creates A Fine Mist Perfect For Disinfecting & Sterilization. This Fogger can be used in many applications such as Public Spaces, Offices, Onsite Accommodation & Welfare Units, Restaurants and Schools to name but a few.

How it works: Once you have mixed your solution for spaying fill the 4.5 Litre tank of the Fogger and adjusted both the spraying distance and the size of the particles/droplets to suit your needs. The Fogger will produce a very fine mist which allows the distribution of the solution to float longer in the air making air and dust disinfection effective and covers the surfaces of objects more evenly, the fine mist will reach more places than a traditional sprayer. 

240 Volt - 4.5 Litre

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F0166 4.5L Fogging Machine 1 £289.00 Model
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4.5L Fogging Machine