Breathable Floor Fleece Protection

Breathable Floor Fleece Protection

Protect floors from damage during renovation and construction works with easy to use Breathable Fleece Floor Protection. Incredibly robust and easy to use, simply roll out with no need to tape as it comes pre-glued with tackifier adhesive. produces a clean, breathable and anti-slip surface that's ideal for most floor types.

Ideal for use on floors that need to ‘breathe’. Being self-adhesive the roll is easily applied and can be cut and shaped to fit any area, whilst leaving no residue once removed. The thick fleece material also provides excellent impact protection in addition to protecting against foot traffic, dust, water and debris and will protect your floor against unwanted and costly damage.

Suitable for use on newly laid floors, especially for those that require additional airflow whilst completing the curing process. 

Priced per Roll

model Size/Ref Box Qty Price Qty
U0308 Breathable Fleece 1m x 50m 1 £119.78 Model
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Breathable Fleece 1m x 50m