Permaseal Quick Plugs

Permaseal Quick Plugs

Specialist plugs with fitted seals designed to secure Permaseal membranes to building substrates and to fix battens or tracking systems. These membrane plugs are designed to give a rapid fix into varying substrates. Can be installed into either 10mm or 11mm holes depending on the substrate.

Permaseal Quick Plugs are used to secure Permaseal System membranes to brick, concrete, stone and other masonry surfaces. They are supplied with a rubber grommet so that when the plug is fixed into the substrate the grommet creates a compression seal against the membrane to stop any water ingress. The Permaseal Quick Plug also has a preformed hole in the head of plug allowing battens or tracking systems to be secured to it via a size 10g/5.0mm screw.

Installation is quick and easy, simply drill a 10mm or 11mm hole (depending on the substrate) to a depth of 70mm. Then put the Permaseal Quick Plug into the hole and use a large head hammer to gently drive the plug in. Make certain that a good even seal is achieved. 

Priced per Pack

model Size/Ref Drill Size mm Box Qty Price Qty
T280523 10 x 70mm 10/11 100 £86.34 Model
Drill size mm
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10 x 70mm